HIGH POWER DELIVERY SYSTEM: SPAWR is a major supplier of state-of-the-art metal mirrors for use in very high power laser research. The highest quality metal mirrors which have provided the highest CO² laser damage threshold are provided by SPAWR.
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CROSSFLOW AIRSHIELD: Airborne contaminants generated by high power laser processing applications can be diverted with SPAWR's CROSSFLOW AIRSHIELD.
Using small quantities of compressed air, a pneumatic low-pressure zone is generated near the optical path, of the high power beam, creating the transverse flow of very large volumes of ambient air to divert airborne particulate matter traveling longitudinal to the beam. Contaminating particles that might impinge on the optical surface are deflected away
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HIGH POWER LASER FOCUS MODULES: The high reliability that is expected of the SPAWR systems is built into our high power focus modules for cutting and welding applications. Available in various sizes and power handling capabilities, in both 90 off-axis and close-pack Z configurations. Focal lengths and working distances to accommodate diffraction limited beams. Shield cones, nozzles and air purge systems are also available for every need.
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SPAWR INTEGRATOR: SPAWR Integrators transform gaussian, asymmetrical and annular beams into uniform intensity profiles on a target plane. The beam is optically dissected by mirror segments into square sections that are then super-imposed on a focal plane. This method of integration effectively modelocks the beam at the target or image plane.

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