Molybdenum Mirrors


WHY MOLY MIRRORS? Moly mirrors have long been successfully used with high power CO² gas dynamic lasers for many years. Advanced polishing techniques are required to polish bare molybdenum metal to a reflectivity of 98.2% at 10.6µ. When this is accomplished, the resulting mirror has superb physical and optical properties. It is resistant to scratches and can be used in dirty environments. When dust particles settle on a moly mirror, they do not tend to get burned-in or damage a superficial coating, as occurs with enhanced optical coatings. Moly mirrors also have low thermal distortion and the highest CO² CW laser damage threshold for any materials tested. ¹ As an option, SPAWR offers a broadband high reflectance coating allowing these mirrors to be used with a variety of wavelengths. A protective shipping/storage container is provided with each mirror.

¹ SPAWR Tech Report, No. 74-004. “Metal Mirror Selection Guide”.

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Weight 8 oz