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Since 1969, SPAWR has been a leader in high performance laser technology products.

High-energy lasers require the best laser mirrors available. Metal laser optics by SPAWR Industries offer the highest quality and surface damage threshold available for medium and long wavelength infrared laser beams.

We offer a repolishing service for your metal mirrors.

We've helped guide laser technologies into industrial applications of all types.

From space satellite mirrors to Surgical Medical Applications, Laser Engraving, Cutting, Welding, Heat Treating Aircraft Launch Rails on Navy Aircraft Carriers, to Space Shuttle Exo-Atmospheric Environments, to Locomotive Trains, Laser Induced Nuclear Fusion, Nuclear Collider, and Accelerator Devices, to Laser Military Applications. We have done it all.  

This site is intended to help you become familiar with our products and services, and answer some questions concerning SPAWR products. You can purchase several of our standard products online. You can use our search feature to find what you are specifically looking for or follow the links to information about our products and services. Follow the About Us link for direct contact information. Thank you for visiting SPAWR Industries, Inc.

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