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SPAWR Industries has been a leader in the production of advanced laser technology products since 1969, catering to industrial, scientific, business, and government markets worldwide.

Since 1969 SPAWR’s purpose has been to provide the highest quality and performance for advanced laser technology products that serve worldwide industrial, scientific, business and government markets. Over the years, we at SPAWR have continued to introduce new and innovative ways to manufacture our products and use materials of the highest quality, right from the start. As our products are assembled, we qualify them through an extensive testing program to insure the highest functional reliability in the field. SPAWR’s commitment is to the never-ending introduction of the latest state-of-the-art products.

SPAWR INDUSTRIES, INC. offers a complete line of mirrors designed to fit the customer’s special requirements. SPAWR has been the leader in supplying standard off-the-shelf metal mirrors of copper and molybdenum. These components are supplied to standard specifications in passive and water-cooled versions. Our standard low thermal distortion Water-Cooled Mirrors range in sizes from two (2) inches to sixteen (16) inches in diameter. We also, offer custom designs, including coupling mirrors for use in very high power laser research. The highest quality metal mirrors, which have provided the highest, CO2 laser damage threshold, are produced by SPAWR.

SPAWR doesn’t just make mirrors. Our dedicated engineering staff has created and produced “low jitter” optical mounts for passive and water-cooled metal mirrors with less than 4 microradian resolution.

SPAWR’s patented, optical integrator mirror is widely used for laser heat treating, cladding and welding where uniform beam intensity is mandatory.


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