2″ Hard Gold Coated Copper Flat Laser Mirrors – Industrial Grade (4 pack)


2″ diameter x 3/8″ thick

Concave and convex are available.

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Uncoated copper mirrors by SPAWR offer the highest quality and surface damage threshold available for medium and long wave IR lasers. Coatings on these mirrors are typically not required, however, they are available with a vacuum deposited protected silver coating or an electrochemically deposited hard gold coating.

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Description Industrial Grade Laboratory Grade
Reflectivity 99% @ 10.6 µ 99% @ 10.6 µ
Surface Accuracy λ/10 λ/20
Surface Smoothness 45Å RMS 30Å RMS
Scratch/Dig 60/40 20/10
Damage Threshold (1) 105 J/cm2 √ s >2.5 x 105 J/cm2 √ s
Material High Purity Copper High Purity Copper
Flatness or Sphericity for mirrors larger than 6″ diameter λ/5 @ 10.6 µ and 45Å RMS λ/10 @ 10.6 µ and 35Å RMS

(1) SPAWR, “Metal Mirrors Selection Guide”


Standard Mirror Sizes

Industrial Grade
Catalog No.
Outside Diameter Thickness Approximate Weight
(mm) (inches) (mm) (inches)
ICu-021 50.8 2 9.7 0.38 6 oz.

Larger Mirrors Available. Email us your sizes and specifications

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