4” Molybdenum Flat Laser Mirror-Laboratory Grade

4″ diameter x 3/4” thick Molybdenum Mirror


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Moly Mirror Sizes – Laboratory Grade

Laboratory Grade
Catalog No.

Outside Diameter Thickness Approximate Weight
(mm) (inches) (mm) (inches)
LMo-061 101.6 4 19.0 0.75 3 lb.


Guaranteed CO₂ Damage Threshold
CW - 150 KW/ for 8 sec.

For small [ < 0.015"] spot diameter

Pulsed - 1x10⁵Jcm²√ sec.
Over full clear aperture
[e.g. 25 J/cm²@60 nsec]
Reflectivity 98% @ 10.6 μ
Flatness λ/20 @ 10.6 μ
Sphericity λ/10 @ 10.6 μ
Surface Smoothness 40Å RMS
Surface Quality *60/40 per MIL 0-13830A


Guaranteed CO₂ Damage Threshold: CW - 200 KW/ for 8 sec.
For Small [<0.015"] spot diameter pulsed - 2x sec over full clear aperture
Reflectivity 98% @ 10.6 μ
Flatness λ/40 @ 10.6 μ
Sphericity λ/40 @ 10.6 μ
Surface Smoothness 40Å RMS
Surface Quality *40/20 per MIL 0-13830A
Expansion Coef 3x10⁶/⁰F



  • SPAWR is a major supplier of state-of-the-art metal mirrors for use in very high power laser research.
  • The highest quality metal mirrors, which have provided the highest CO2 laser damage threshold, are produced by SPAWR Industries.
  • A protective shipping/storage container is provided with each laser mirror.
  • SPAWR has been a leader in high performance laser technology products since 1969.
  • Mirrors larger than 10″ diameter, including custom mirrors, will be quoted on request.
  • Contact us below for more information about our copper laser optics, copper laser mirrors.

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