Water-Cooled Mirrors


LCuW water-cooled mirrors are designed to accept CW laser beams of 3KW/cm² with λ/20 thermal distortion at 10.6 micrometers.

The mirrors are comprised of a high efficiency heat exchanger in intimate contact with a very thin mirror faceplate. The heat exchanger controls laser induced thermal gradients in the mirror surface. The mirror will not become excessively distorted and introduce optical aberrations into the reflected laser beam. If high beam quality is to be produced in the laser cavity, and maintained in the far field, mirrors of this type must be used when the incident power density exceeds 200 watts/cm².

These mirrors are available with a hard gold coating to protect the surfaces from harsh chemical environments, and an alternate coating to retain >0.985 reflectance down to 0.5 micrometers.

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Weight 8 oz
water cooled mirrors

2” Dia Lab Grade Flat, Larger than 2" and custom